If you're seeing any of these dashboard indicator lights illuminate in your Mercedes-Benz, contact Hendrick Motors of Charlotte to schedule an appointment to run a diagnostic test.

ABS Light
Check Engine Light
Airbag Light
Tire Pressure Light
Seat Belt Indicator
Gas Light

What is Your Dashboard Indicator Light Telling You? Hendrick Motors of Charlotte is Here With a Translation

"What does my Mercedes-Benz warning light mean?"

Of all the questions that we receive at our Charlotte service center, this one--and ones like it--may be the most common. Drivers in greater Indian Trail, Matthews, Monroe, and Harrisburg are undoubtedly concerned about taking the best care of their Mercedes-Benz car or SUV, and also taking the best care of themselves. These dashboard warning lights are crucial for maintaining the performance and safety of your vehicle.

However, unless you've thoroughly studied your user's manual, you may not know immediately what those glowing little indicators really mean. We're here to help.

Sometimes a warning light is as simple as telling you that your gas tank is low on fuel, and you should look for a gas station; or that your emergency brake is engaged and you must be released before you begin driving. Other warning lights--like tire pressure light, battery light, or brake wear light, can be prevented by following your service menu as described by the Mercedes-Benz factory.

However, other dashboard indicators are much more serious. The ESC/ESP warning light means that your vehicle may not be able to stabilize itself in the event of a skid; the airbag indicator warns of a malfunction in the SRS, which could be potentially fatal in the event of an accident--get to your local Mercedes-Benz service center as soon as possible.

If you're concerned about a service light--or if your dashboard lights are telling you that it's time to come in--you can schedule a service appointment conveniently online. Or, give us a call at (877) 364-5860 to get a basic dashboard indicator light diagnosis.