Extended Service Vehicle Contract

Let's face it, life just happens. No one wants to have to worry about the cost of repairs once their vehicle's warranty runs out. At Hendrick Motors of Charlotte we offer extended service contracts which are completely customizable to fit almost anyone's driving habits. Low mileage drivers can opt for coverage up to seven years from the vehicle's original in service date. Higher mileage drivers can choose up to 125,000 miles on new vehicles and unlimited miles on Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. For your convenience, we also offer a choice of zero, fifty, or $100 deductible plans to accommodate each driver's individual budgetary preference.

Prepaid Maintenance Plans

Everyone is looking for ways to save money. At Hendrick Motors of Charlotte we understand that, and in response we've developed a completely customizable way for our customers to save money on the cost of regular maintenance for their Mercedes-Benz. Not only do drivers get an upfront discount on each service, they also benefit from locking in to today's parts and labor rates so as to avoid the cost of future price increases. We offer both the Hendrick Autoguard and Mercedes-Benz prepaid maintenance plans. With the Hendrick Autoguard plans you can purchase services all the way up to 120,000 miles and they never expire. Drivers can also be reimbursed for unused services if they get rid of their vehicles before using up all of the services. The Mercedes-Benz plan allows drivers to purchase up to five services, and those plans can be residualized on a lease which adds up to even more savings. In each case, the more services you buy, the more you save. It's that simple!

Guaranteed Asset Protection (g.a.p.)

Unfortunately, we all know that vehicles lose value each year and there's nothing any of us can do about that. However, there is something you can do to protect yourself against that loss of value if your vehicle is ever involved in an accident and declared a total loss. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage insures that, on one of the worst days of your life, you won't have to worry about the current value of your vehicle. Any difference between what your vehicle is worth and what your loan balance is will be covered. And if you're at fault, GAP will even cover your deductible up to $1000! That way you NEVER have to worry about coming out of pocket to pay off a car loan on a vehicle that's been totaled.

Car Care

A bright clean car, inside and out, will always hold its value better than a car that's faded, dirty, and full of interior stains. At Hendrick Motors of Charlotte, in conjunction with Hendrick Autoguard, we've developed a program that is all about making sure that your new vehicle will look its best for years to come, with as little work and effort as possible on your part. Our Car Care program puts each vehicle through a three step process. Starting with the exterior, a specially formulated Teflon based coating is applied to all of the painted surfaces. This helps protect those surfaces from damage caused by things like bird droppings, bug guts, tree sap, and acid rain. On the interior we treat all of the carpeted surfaces with a patented product called Banoyl. Once that's applied those surfaces are able to repel both oil AND water based stains. Lastly, we treat any leather and vinyl surfaces with a conditioning product that helps protect against fading and cracking. Three and five year guarantees are available depending upon the vehicle's current age and mileage.

Road Hazard Tire And Wheel Coverage

It's happened to almost every driver at some point while behind the wheel. A nail gets stuck in a tire, or there's an unseen curb or pothole that causes damage to the vehicle's tire and wheel. With the price of today's high tech tires and stylish wheels, it doesn't take much of an impact to do some very costly damage to those items. Road hazard tire and wheel coverage takes care of the cost of any damage to your vehicles tires and wheels that occurs while driving, INCLUDING cosmetic damage (scratches and "curb rash") to the wheels. And the best part is there are no out of pocket expenses to worry about since all coverage comes standard with ZERO deductibles.


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